We pride ourselves on providing the best services possible to the families we serve.  Knowing that we can make difficult times a little easier for families is what motivates us day to day.  Take a look at what families are saying about My Pets at Rest and our services.  Have a testimonial you would like to share, please submit yours here.

J Davis

"In such a heartbreaking time, it warms my heart to know that Theresa and Michael Hudgins are taking care of my kids. They are sensitive, caring, respectful and treated each of my boys with dignity. I'll forever miss my boys, but it's nice to know My Pets At Rest is always there if I need them. Thank you for offering this special service."

Brittany G.

"It's taken me a bit longer today than I thought it would to write this. Theresa, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Girly Girl (GG) has been in my life since I was a child. Losing her has been pretty hard on all of us. You guys went above and beyond. I can never repay you for everything. Thank you so much."

Karen D., Jackson, MS

"Thank you so much for speaking with my husband by phone about the private cremation of our beloved cat, Sadie. It was through that conversation that we were both reassured that we would, without a doubt, be receiving our cat’s remains. As it turned out Sadie was sent to your facility on August 12th and was returned to us on August 14th. Thank you again for your kindness, your reassurance and your prompt attention to our needs."

Marty D, Jackson, MS

"Just got home last night and looked at the arrangement you had for Bandit's remains. As to be expected, I cried. Your handling of him was beautifully done, the box is beautiful, and you captured his dewclaw in his paw print. I got him when he was about a year old, he was rescued while chasing trucks on a state highway in Louisiana, hence his name, The Highway Bandit. He was my 'self contained' little guy, never asked for much but in his way gave a lot as they always do. I very much appreciated your presentation and consideration of his remains. "

Joey & Shellie M., Raymond MS

"I would like to thank My Pets at Rest for the WONDERFUL services provided to me and my husband for the cremation of our best friend, “Belle”. My Pets at Rest treats your pets with the up most care and respect as if it were their “ very own” family member. I lost my best friend, “Belle” September 20, 2013. I had her for 10 years. She died when it was raining outside. When GOD brings a pet in your life, I believe it is perfectly picked out for each individual. She was the best little dog I have ever had. I couldn’t have asked GOD for a better pet. We didn’t want to have to bury her because we wanted something to remember her by. When I called My Pets at Rest, I expressed how much she meant to me and what I needed, I was put at ease. They took care of everything for me. When she was returned to me, they had her placed in a very nice hand carved little box, with her name displayed on it. I was surprised at the little paw print of hers and some locks of her fur that was given to me as well. I am very impressed with these services we received, and especially the paw print, knowing that this was actually hers and not something that mass produced. GOD BLESS MY PETS AT REST!! May you always be able to continue your services for several years to come as I truly believe you are doing something great and something GOD loves too."

Otilia S., Clinton, MS.

"I want to thank My Pets at Rest for the amazing service provided with the cremation of my "Botitas". If you are an animal lover like I am, the last thing you want at this difficult time, is to worry if your pet will be cremated individually. When I talked to Michael and saw the facilities it gave such a peace of mind. Michael treats your pet with such a dignity and respect. They handled the cremations one pet at a time, 'which it is what we truly call individual cremation' and plus if you want the remains back, they give them to you in a beautiful wood urn along with your pet's paw print and lock of its fur. I am 100% satisfied with My Pets at Rest and very thankful."

Kyle D., Madison, MS

"We have had nothing but complete satisfaction with My Pets at Rest. They have consistently exceeded our expectations and exemplify professionalism and courtesy. They are extremely nice people to deal with too, providing a needed service to grieving pet owners with warmth and compassion."

Mike S.,Clinton, MS

"After the loss of our family dog, Rex, we didn’t know where to turn for after care. A friend told us about My Pets at Rest and after speaking with them we were confident we had found a person we could trust Rex with. Their service was exceptional. They helped our family get through our difficult time. We always recommend My Pets at Rest when a family loses a beloved pet."

Chuck & Kim S., Madison, MS

"Thank You for taking such great care of Chazz in our time of need. When we picked Chazz up at the vet office we were very impressed that you made a paw print and gave us a lock of hair. It brought tears to our eyes. Thanks for taking the extra steps to make our lives happier in remembering him."

Lisa H.

"I was very pleased with their services! They were extremely considerate of my feelings during this time. I was very impressed and their prices are affordable. I recommend them to everyone."

Ray B.

"I ached so badly taking my 13 year old cat to to be cremated on September 6th of this year. Michael and Theresa were very nice and sympathetic to me. I will always remember their caring attitude and respect for my Kitt. His urn sits on my bookcase by his picture."