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Urn Upgrades

My Pets At Rest provides a beautiful Tree of Life rosewood wooden urn with each Signature Service. You may upgrade to a different urn if you choose. We carry a small selection of urns in stock or we will be happy to assist you with ordering one of the many selections available from our website. Click on View Urns from our home page.

Sheesham Standard Urn

Tree of Life Signature Rosewood Urn

My Pets At Rest provides a beautiful carved top Tree of Life rosewood urn complimentary. You may add a name plate to the Tree of Life urn for $15.


Abby Photo Urn

Our most poplar urn upgrade is this Cherry finished wooded urn. It provides a simple yet elegant way to cherish your pet and provides for a single photo which is accessible through a bottom plate secured by screws.  Suitable for any pet up to 60lbs and includes a nameplate for $60.00.


Earthen Eco Sphere

A beautiful biodegradable urn made from natural soils and clay. This urn is for burial purposes after cremation and provides a dignified burial that is green and environmentally friendly. A biodegradable bag encases the ashes and will dissolve with moisture.  An upgrade charge of $48.00 will apply.


Flowering Biodegradable Urn

A simple biodegradable urn available in small, medium or large and handmade from natural resources and recycled materials. Use for burial or a better alternative for water scattering. This urn floats before gently sinking. A biodegradable bag encases the ashes and disolves with moisture. A seed pod is included and is available in the shape of a kitten, paw print, or bone.  Small $36, Medium $48 and Large $64.00

Double Frame Photo Urn

Double Photo Wooden Urn  (M-14)

$25 SPECIAL WHILE THEY LAST.  Regularly a $60 upgrade, this wooden keepsake photo urn is suitable for pets up to 200 lbs or perfect to provide a resting place for 2 smaller pets. Measuring 9″x7″x7″, 2 photos may be displayed on the inside of the hinged front panel.


Beautiful Brass (M-2)

This beautiful solid brass etched urn is suitable for small pets up to 40 lbs. Only one size in stock. Image for illustration purposes only. Actual urn available is etched and those details do not appear in the photograph. $30 upgrade fee.


The Alumina

This extra large urn is designed from lightweight aluminum and an appropriate urn for those pets weighing up to 200lbs. Secured by a snap and twist cap, this urn is an inexpensive way to remember your beloved pet. Custom engraving is available for this urn when special ordered. Priced at $40.00.

Marble Vase Urn

Marble Vase

A small turned marble urn vase designed for the smaller pet. Made from solid marble, each is unique. Available in white or black, these urns are perfect for weighing 15lbs or less.  $85 upgrade.


Outdoor Limestone Boulder Urns

Compliment your residential landscape with these reproduction limestone rock urn. Made from real granite rock powder and premium resins, these reproduction limestone boulders look and feel like real stone. Designed for sturdy and long lasting outdoor use, each rock is coated with a durable polyurethane to protect it from rain and sun exposure.  Includes a name plate and available in two sizes: Medium ($136.00 upgrade fee) or Large ($162.00 upgrade fee).


Plastic Caskets

Casket walls are 1/8″ thick and constructed of high-impact plastic materials. Each casket comes with a white blanket/liner. Can be assembled with provided butyl sealer. Only available in this size: 19″ L x 10.5″ W x 6.75″ D – $95.00.  Made in the USA

Brass Pewter Paw

Large brass urn finished in pewter. Threaded lid features a distinct paw print in silver. Suitable for any pet up to 100lbs. $85 each.

Images Photo Urn

Images Photo Urn

Solid wood with a light cherry stain. Access is through the bottom in order to place the photo. A small and large size is available for an upgrade of $75 & $90. A nameplate is included if desired. Small is fitting for a pet up to 50 lbs and large up to 85 lbs.

Male Duck Urn

Male Decoy Urn

Available in large and xtra large, these Hunter Series urns are Ash wood and are hand carved and painted, making each unique. The base is available in Light Ash or Dark Ash and a nameplate can be included. Large size is $207.00 and for pets up to 115 lbs and the X-Large is for up to 165 lbs and $212.00.

Female Duck Urn

Female Decoy Urn

Available in large and extra large, these Hunter Series urns are Ash wood and are hand carved and painted, making each one unique. The base is available in Light Ash or Dark Ash and a nameplate can be included. Large size is $207.00 and for pets weighing up to 115lbs and the X-Large is for up to 165 lbs and cost $212.00.


Each keepsake necklace is made of stainless steel and comes with a provided chain. A portion your pets cremated ashes or hair may be placed inside of any pendant, keeping your fur baby close to your heart. We offer 12 different designs, each priced at $59.00